Bold Yellow, Blue & Green socks, Adults socks

Bold Yellow, Blue & Green socks, Adults socks


These socks are classic but contemporary as well and are perfect for a dapper dresser.

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These socks are a crisp yellow (not garish and not too mellow!) with a statement blue and green edging on ankle and toe. The socks are designed to fit a UK foot size 5-9 (Euro 37-44) and look really cool on a woman as well as a man, especially when teamed with a pair of brogues. I call these my positive socks as whenever I put them on I feel super organised and on trend.
(I am a size 5 as well btw)

Thy are extremely comfortable and breathable and are probably the most lovely socks you can pop on your toes!

The socks come wrapped in tissue paper.

Thank you for celebrating good sock style. In countries like Japan where shoes are always removed in buildings, it’s considered polite to wear clean and well presented socks. No holes here!


5% Spandex

95% Cotton

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