‘Do the little things well’..

The above mantra suggested by St David himself rings true. At Oh!Susannah we know that it’s the day to day stuff, the choices that we make that have the biggest impact on the footprint that we make and ultimately leave behind.

In terms of environment, we are determined to make a difference; we make the decisions in the choice of materials, the methods of posting, way in which we work so that you know when you’re buying from us, that your footprint is only a positive one and that gifting is a guilt free experience.

For 2019 we have the following environmental targets:

CHALLENGE: Removal of single use plastic cellophane sleeves.

ACTION: Use of biodegradable packaging, paper bags on all orders.

CHALLENGE: Ensure postal materials are renewable, reduced and/or reused.

ACTION: Check & utilise FSC materials and purchase from appropriate suppliers.

CHALLENGE: Transition all cards and gift wrap to recyclable materials

ACTION: Currently some of the finishes on gift wrap is not recyclable. We are working with suppliers to come up with a viable product alternative.

CHALLENGE: Reduce print runs of wholesale catalogues & additional literature.

ACTION: Move more materials to PDF/alternative formats.

CHALLENGE: Transition all t-shirt and baby grow stocks to organic cotton materials by end of 2019

ACTION: We have already switched age 7+ tshirts to organic cotton. As a small business we have quite a few tshirts and baby grows in stock that we will be using up. However all the tshirts up to the age of 6 are produced using sustainable practices and are part of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).
We are also shredding and reusing end of stock cards for packaging usage and have switched to the lovely ‘Bulb’ for our electricity supply; meaning the lighting, the power we use whilst working to create Oh!Susannah goodies is from a renewable source.

Thanks / Diolch!